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A game manifesto

based on what games did.

In the first ratchet & clank, you start with naked feets. In the others you start with boots and I like the first one better.
Your game should start with a naked feets character.

In the first Sly, you collect bottles. It's not the case in the 3rd Sly. I didn't like the 3rd Sly.
Your game should have collectible bottles.

In asphyx, the player has to stop breathing in real life in order to swin within the game.
Your game should have an impact on things you do in real life.

In psychonauts, you can enter in everybody's mind.
Your game should not feature a character that you cannot enter.

In one of the games I made and I can't remember which one or wheather or not I published it, I added visual effects everytime the player got hit.
Your game should not have a game over. It should get more and more unplayable as you get hit.

In Alex Kid, one day, my brother decided not to use the helicopter in the sea level when I was playing with him. I was very sad because the helicopter was a fun thing. Instead he wasted the helicopter in the last level, a castle where it's not useful. And found out a secret door on top of the castle. 
Your game should reward silly brothers who try stuff.

In Driver, you can activate your car blinkers when you turn without driving.
Your game should have an input for car blinkers.

In  shadow of the colossus, enemies are big.
Enemies should be big.

I've enjoyed lots of games that I never finished.
Your game should not be finishable.

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"your game should not be finishable"
BIG MOOD. Love this.

Hey, never saw that. Thanks.

ok i love this

<3 I wasn't sure it was worth publishing, thanks a lot =)