A downloadable tic tac toe

The game is a simple tic tac toe game, but you play with your fingers.

It was made during a small workshop.

Short summary:

Draw a 3x3 grid on a piece of paper.
Each player place a finger turn by turn on the grid. From baby finger to thumb.
A player win when their fingers are placed in a line of 3 boxes in the grid, or if they're the last one to play (thumb placed).
A player loses when they remove their hand.

Detailed rules:

-The player with the smallest hand decide who will start to play.

-Each player choose one hand to play with. On each turn, they'll place a finger on one of the grid's boxes. They must place their finger in the following order as the game goes on:

1st finger they'll place on a box will be the baby finger
2nd : ring finger
3rd :  middle finger
4th : index finger
The last one will be the thumb.

-If a player removes their hand, or if one of their finger moves away from the box it was placed in, the player loses.
If a player can't place the right finger on any box, they lose.

-Players' hands can block themselves or push themselves, but can't push a finger that is already placed.

-If no one won or lost at the end of the match, the player who started the game win by placing their thumb on the last box if they can do so.

Workshop leader: Jean
Thaïs (1 hour internship)
Simon Giraud
Ambroise Durand // Damoone

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
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AuthorRando-Malo (RegisRquoi)
Tagsbody, fingers, physical, real-life
Average sessionA few seconds
MultiplayerLocal multiplayer
Player count2


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Love it! We have to organize a clandestine tournament in the underground parking lot at the next Stunfest for sure!

Unsure when "next stunfest" will be and where exactly is the underground parking of the Stunfest but HELL YES